Artist Bio + Print Purchase


Robert Caspary (b.1959) is a multidisciplinary artist whose lens-based practice is rooted in experimentalist concepts and practices.

Manipulating his images with both traditional and alternative process photographic techniques, Caspary examines, through non-representational and semi-representational imagery, the stratification of emotive, environmental, and social agents of contemporary urban life. His themes are of repetition and tradition, public work and private life, and the shifting emotive resonance and life energies than runs through all.

Self-identifying as a Mad artist, Caspary also works and advocates for greater accessibility in the arts, for audience and artist.

Print Purchase

I most enjoy collaborating with clients to suit their collecting and design needs. Please contact me, and we can start the conversation!

Many of the images displayed in the portfolios are scalable. While the images all vary in size, I use standard photo paper sizes ranging from 5”x 7” to 16”x 20” and larger.

Archival ink-jet prints range in price from CA $350-$750 for a single, mounted print.

For Unique Print/Alternative Process works, please inquire for details of size and cost.

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