Recent Exhibitions

May 20-June 1, 2019 ‘West End Assembly’ – Spectra: Group3  CONTACT Photography Festival – Artscape Youngplace 3rd Floor – Toronto

Installation View- ‘West End Assembly’


January 9-February 2, 2019 – Memory and Photography Lab

Member’s Gallery – Gallery 44, Toronto

requiem3 wb
Detail-Requiem For Broken Memory
requiem 1 wb
Requiem For Broken Memory


November 7-25, 2018 – Alternative Process Competition 2018

Soho Photo Gallery – New York, USA

The Family Cookie Jar
The Family Cookie Jar


May-December 2018 – Portals 2018

New York Centre For Photographic Arts, New York USA – Online Gallery –

Awarded: Juror’s Selection


Canal St. Martin-Paris
Canal St. Martin-Paris


January 12-May 26, 2018 – New Works/Alternative Processes

– Production Gallery Member’s Space – Gallery 44, Toronto

2. TwoDoorsDownFromAtget(RueCampagnePremierParis)
Two Doors Down From Atget’s (Rue Campagne Premier)













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